What are your employees REALLY doing?

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Automatic working time tracking
Analyze employee productivity
Monitor the work of remote employees

Take screenshots with a specified interval
Detailed attendance schedule
Personal statistics for each employee

Effortless time tracking

Automatic time and productivity tracking, automatic categorization of work time, smart reports, email and mobile notifications – inclusive data right in front of you anytime, anywhere.

Analyse everything

Time and attendance, Internet and software use, flexitime and overtime – all you need to know about productivity is now precisely measured and gathered in one place.

Increased productivity

Discover your best work schedule, define the perfect balance between online and offline activities, eliminate time eaters – OmveL time tracker will help close productivity gaps quickly and achieve more.

OmveL allows you to:

Evaluate and increase the productivity of employees’ work
Capture the time employees spend on breaks, meetings, etc.
Track employees’ activities in real time
Monitor the work of remote employees
Determine your most and least productive employees
Determine staff’s workload and prevent slacking and burnouts